Tanger Poetry

The writings of me

I am a writer from Tasmania who mostly writes poetry of various forms. Overtime I will be adding more of what I write, sharing anything I find of interests and generally just keeping a bit of a record of my writing experiences.

Pig In Mud

I am as happy as a pig in mud

Well that is what I tell people, that is what I pretend anyway.


So I look good they say, if only they knew.

Inside me is a darkness, I struggle to keep under control.

What happens if it gets out?

What happens if they see my true self?

What happens when it all gets too much?

What happens when I pull the plug?


I am not as happy as a pig in mud, that is just a lie.


I am just a pig, a mean and horrible person.

I am in mud, the mud is what holds me down, those who hold me back.


But still, every day. I just pretend to be happy.

Happy like a pig in mud.


Quickly, to the old hut

I am lost

Raging like a bull in a China shop

To drink fucked up water

It will kill me you know

Clouds, the wind blows, sky opens

My happiness long gone


Run if you don't want it to end like this


somebodies death

Sure is great. knowing the end is near.

Haiku – Floods

The Heavens have opened

Homes washed away

Birth of new life

It is for the Best

Running back to the home I hate

Why do I do this?

Why do I go back to all the hate?

I loved my rock to sit out stormy nights

My rage is making me sick

A monster inside me, ready to explode


Don't save me, this is for the best

The steps will be perfect

Throw myself off

Head first to the ground


Nobody needs to worry anymore

It is for the best

The Park

Having fun at the park.


Laughing, playing, Jumping around, Swing first or the slide?

Racing to the water fall.


Making friends. Chasing my brother, What's for lunch?


Monkeybars, climbing the train, Ducks in the pond, Monkey's up the tree.


Sending mum and dad out of their tree. 

Having fun at the park.

I Fear

I fear what I do not know

I fear what I see


I fear the light

I fear the dark


I fear those I know, more than those


I don't I fear doing harm


I fear being wrong 

I fear being right


I fear this is it, no better to come

I fear they are right, I am done


Good bye, thank you all. I hope I did alright.


Nothing left to say as I pick up the gun and say my final good night.


Drops on my window

Trees dripping wet

Tapping on the roof

Wind blowing

Splashing in puddles

Cars driving slow, windscreen wipers going in time

Grumpy shoppers

Umbrellas and coats


A leak in the roof, bucket needed

Warm coffee, heater on

Movie on TV

Junk food


Flashing lights

Accident Car written off

She is dead

Lives changed .

1:31 PM

My clock has just clicked 1:31 PM, a random Tuesday afternoon


Back in to my work

What I should be doing

What I am paid for

Another face flashes past my office door, thankfully this time they leave me alone


Back in to my work

My phone rings, I really should answer it

Another problem, more fire fighting

They don’t understand I am busy, better go and fix it.


Back in to my work

Somebody at my door, just want a chat about life, can’t they see I am busy

Give them a few minutes of my time

Putting me more behind


Back in to my work

Error messages, more time wasted

Leading me down the wrong path, not being honest about what they did

Nothing is getting done


Back in to my work

Another phone call, ignore it, too busy

They come around to my door, needing help

Follow them back, nothing wrong now

Caught up on the way back Another question, some advice needed.

Photocopier jammed

Email crashing, you have too much

Internet page won’t load; site is down, not my problem

Keyboard broken

Why is it so slow?


Back in to my work

Nothing getting done, getting more and more behind

Nobody happy


My clock has just clicked 5:00 PM


Time to go home It can all wait until the next day, week month or year, some may never get done

If nobody else cares, why should I?


You, Me, 23

Here, there and everywhere.

I don’t know why I play this game.

You, me, lets call it 23 Times we have both said enough

When can you be here? By 3?


We make the call, say we are done.

A buzz of my phone, can you get a lift?


Nothing for weeks, seems you are done

“How are you going? Want to hang out?”


Dragged back in, you love the drama

When will I learn, you make the drama


Months later, not a word from you.


I found out your married now, good for you.

My best wishes for your future. With whats his name, Drew?


Sure hope he likes the drama

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